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Thread: Eye-Opener

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    1. @ Seattle Seahawks
    2. @ New England Patriots*
    3. Cleveland Browns
    4. @ Cincinnati Bengals (Thursday night)
    5. Tennessee Titans
    6. Pittsburgh Steelers
    7. Buffalo Bills
    8. BYE
    9. New York Jets
    10. @ San Diego Chargers
    11. @ Los Angeles Rams
    12. San Francisco 49ers
    13. @ Baltimore Ravens
    14. Arizona Cardinals
    15. @ New York Jets (Saturday Night)
    16. @ Buffalo Bills (Saturday Night)
    17. New England Patriots*

    This should be getting familiar by now. The Pats often close the season at Miami. Most of the time we win, due to them having their playoff locked in already. It's like weekend vacation for them. Also the N.F.L. has us visiting Bills and Jets back-to-back as late in the season as possible. I'd be surprised if that's not designed.

    Like the Falcons, Fins will run through the gamut of NFC West teams, visiting the L.A. Rams and Squawks. In fact, the Seattle will host the Falcons right after their week 5 bye. Good thing that Seattle does not play their best football then. The best time to catch them is early on. Patriots are the same way.

    They have us run through the AFC Central too, which hasn't been a power division lately. Look at the middle of the season and see, the Fins have a four-game home stand with a bye. Is that a first or what?

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    ESPN experts said the Dolphins have the 4th most difficult schedule. I go along with that. Schedule makers would remind Dolphins fans the break early in the season at New England, Seattle and Cincinnati and the trend now is teams facing division opponents late in the season anyways.

    NFL schedule making revolves around 2 New Jersey teams and to be in the AFC and NFC East means your schedule is more affected.

    As I said in the super Birds the Falcons have a brutal schedule. But even with all the travel and drama the Falcons schedule poses the Dolphins slate is just,...brutal as well.

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