I've been, for years, trying to figure out how to overcome the voo doo spell the Nawlin Saints have put on the Falcons.

The Saints were born a year after the Falcons and played in the Capit0l Division with the Eagles, Boys and Skins. That was 1967. In '67 the Falcons played in the Coastal Division with the Niners, Colts and the power house Rams. The Falcons won only one game that season, the Saints won 3. In 1968 the Falcons did better winning only 2 games. In 1970 there was a sort of realignment which placed the Falcons and Saints in the same division,...laughingly the NFC West Division. Before that '70 season, from lore, a voo doo lady in Nawlins picked a team to curse in the division and she picked,...the Eagles. In the old Capitol Division that old lady had cursed the Eagles and if you check the Eagles records you can easily see this woman could do some serious voo doo. Then she picked the Falcons before the '70 season. Okay, enough of history,...now it's time to send them back some s***,...native American,...Falcon Animal Power!

Note the voo doo lady picked birds of prey to stick pins in, eagles and falcons. It took a freaking hurricane to help the Saints win they Super Bowl which, regardless what anyone says, facilitated that winning season.

on a vision quest,...Falcon Power Animals Meaning: The Falcon - Soul Healing(from all the losing), Speed and Movement(Julio Jones)

Dream Interpretation: Dreaming of a falcon foretells that your success will make you an object of jealousy.(oh yeah Michael Vick proved that)

Dreaming of that you are hunting a falcon, forewarns that you are in danger of ruining your business reputation by being too aggressive and bringing harm to others.

ahhhhhHA! I gotcha now you old voo doo curse. It took 40 years but it'll be worth the wait to see the aggressive fervor, this reversed curse on the Falcons known to Saints fans, to sting them in the bahooty,...starting this September.

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