For many years the Niners, Broncos and other teams used the zone/slant block technique. Names like Mike Shanahan, Bill Walsh, Alex Gibbs and Greg Knapp,...all West Coast Offense types used this way of blocking on run plays and this style includes cut blocks. Not anymore.

Last week a writer for the Falcons site posted this,... Center and new Falcon Alex Mack learned how to play in a scheme that emphasizes speed, lateral movements and legal cut blocks. LEGAL???

That was in reference to Mack playing in Kyle Shanahan's offense in Cleveland. What an,...oh be nice Pen, pffft. Everyone knew who keeps up with things the league would eventually ban the cut block completely. When they banned low blocks on punts and kicks that was a, a little clue fools?

From ESPN,..."The league passed a measure at the owners meetings on Tuesday to outlaw all chop blocks, no matter the circumstances.

Next the league will ban tackles below the waist,...essentially making it flag football,...I dunno.

But I recall when the Falcons from 2004-2006 were CHASTIZED for cutting defenders, legally at that time. Especially those crybaby pantys fans were crying like soiled babies. So be careful Falcons,...we seen this movie before.