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    3 quick items

    Here's 3 quick items that may be interesting.

    New Falcon Alex Mack's cap number for 2016 is 4.05 million, third right now on the O-line behind Levitre ($5.375 mil), Matthews ($4.48 mil), that's not bad but what about 2017 and beyond? So the Falcons finally addressed the O-line after over 15 years.

    Falcons reportedly signed DE Derrick Shelby, now a former Dolphin. Seems more teams are using DEs around 250 lbs. to rush the QB.

    Another former Falcon/Dolphin Grimy Grimes old lady threatened someone and ya'll, it's so funny the whole story. Her name is Dina,...or Diva Lol or something. It's reported several NFL GMs won't touch Grimes just because of his gal which is,...just hahha! So much for the myth men with small hands, small feet have a small,...ummm,...tool. Here's his old lady,...

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