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Thread: Free agency

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    Free agency

    So far the Vikings have resigned

    ILB Audie Cole
    SS Andrew Sendejo
    OG Michael Harris
    DT Kendrick Ellis

    Brought in

    OG Alex Boone from SF
    FS Michael Griffin from TEN

    I like what they are doing so far. Boone is an upgrade to the O-line. Griffin isn't the long term answer at safety, but a good stop-gap. He should have at least a couple more good years in him and brings quality experience and good leadership with him.

    Effect on the draft....

    Shaping up like rounds 1 and 2 are clearly focused in on OT and WR.

    Rounds 3 and 4 probably a safety to groom behind Griffin and LB

    Rounds 5 through 7 best player available with a preference on RB, DT, maybe a second WR with kickoff return experience
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    also signed

    LB Emmanuel Lamur from Cincy
    LB Travis Lewis from Detroit

    More than likely both special teamers.

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    Have to admit I knew little about Lamur but evidently he had a year starting for the Bengals.

    From the writer at Cincy Jungle:

    What he offers: Lamur is a former college safety and he moves like it. He's comfortable in space, in coverage and runs very well. His added length, at six-foot-four, only makes him more valuable in space. He's started a handful of games at outside LB, but he's held one of the Nickel LB roles for most of the last three seasons.

    Concerns: Lamur is a former safety and he plays like it. He's not physical or strong enough to consistently play in the box and he doesn't have that aggression the Bengals generally like in their linebackers. Lamur cannot defeat a block and misses tackles because he's often a split second slow to react and doesn't have the bulk to bring guys down easily. Injuries have also derailed Lamur's development, beyond his 2015 knee injury and 2013 shoulder injury, he also had a hamstring injury in 2014 that caused him to miss time. He's often injured and I believe it stems from his lanky body type and how awkward he looks making tackles. At most, he's a nickel linebacker, but you can't count on him to play the entire season.

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    I'm surprised with what the Vikings have done so far in free agency. I didn't expect this kind of activity so early on in the process. Spielman usually waits until the first wave of free agency to pass by before jumping in. Seems like the Vikings have been all in from the very beginning this year.

    Boone appears to be a good addition and much needed boost to the OL. The Vikings now have 13 offensive linemen headed into OTAs and they haven't even drafted anyone yet. So the Oline currently looks like: 1st team: Kalil, Boone, Sullivan, Harris, Loadholt; 2nd team: Shepherd, Kerin, Berger, Fusco, Clemmings; 3rd team: Bykowski, Eason, Sirles. There appears to be plenty of competition. Last year the Vikings kept nine offensive linemen in the top 53. It's going to be tough getting down to 9 or maybe 10 this year.

    The Vikings were very active signing LB depth today. I wonder if Greenway is in jeopardy of not being resigned.

    I was disappointed that the Vikings didn't sign Iloka. He seemed like the perfect safety to team with Harrison Smith. I guess Spielman had a budget and he stuck to it. Michael Griffin has been a good safety for a long time hopefully he can provide the type of play Zimmer has been looking for next to Smith.
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    Michael Griffin deal is for one year 3.5 million. Looks like a stop-gap signing to groom who ever it is they are hoping to target in the draft.
    All he does is catch TOUCHDOWNS!!!!!!!!!!

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    I guess this is more veteran leadership than anything. Griffin will be at least serviceable and better than what we had last season. I can't imagine we won't draft another safety, probably early if possible.

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