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Thread: Megatron Retires

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    Megatron Retires

    Calvin Johnson announced today that he is officially never playing football again.

    Living in Michigan I've had the opportunity to watch Johnson play a lot. I have nothing but the utmost respect of him. He was an amazing football player and one of the classiest players of all time. He didn't have the best supporting cast and often the coaching staff left a lot to be desired but he never bitched or complained, he just went out and did the best he could with the players and coaches he had to work with.

    The only thing that would make me like Megatron more is if he wore purple.

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    I have always liked and respected Megatron too. I'm glad we won't have to face him twice a year anymore, but sad to see him go. The NFL needs more class acts like him. I can't blame him for the early retirement though. He has dealt with a lot of leg injuries and probably worried about being able to walk when he is 50-60 years old. Doesn't need te money so I'd probably retire too. Reminds me of Robert Smith's early retirement.
    All he does is catch TOUCHDOWNS!!!!!!!!!!

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