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Thread: oh well,...adios Roddy

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    oh well,...adios Roddy

    Yesterday the Falcons released the best receiver in Atlanta franchise history. Roddy was drafted in the 1st round of the 2005 draft.

    Roddy was taken 27th overall and in that draft class only De Marcus Ware and Aaron Rodgers rank higher per the Weighted Career Value provided by And there was a time when idiot Falcons fans were calling Roddy "skillet hands" when his problem was,...Michael Vick all along. In the 2007 season Vick went to prison, Roddy had his breakout season,...over 1000 yards, with QBs like Chris Redman and Joey Harrington. Before 2007 I stuck up for Roddy on one of the most active Falcons message boards, was insulted, made fun of and when the guy broke out in '07 and I was proven right,...the admin there banned me for life. skillet hands,...pffft idiots How bout over 10,000 yards fools?

    Anyway, Roddy White was a great Falcon and he deserves the hate he gets from Panthers and Saints fans cause he was a cat and an aint killer.

    Rumors in the wind suggest Roddy will land in Tampa and that would be great to see him twice a year until he retires.

    It's been fun watching this former how scrool State wrestling Champ outmuscle and outrun DBs but,...NFL players, or rather the NFL regarding players is a young man's game(other than QB/K/P). Oh yeah, all you Roddy White haters out there,...can you imagine after retirement White becoming a talking head on TV? Oh my,...well, I ain't no real judge of people's appearances but imo opinion Roddy looks like Shannon Sharpe, and stealing a line from former Falcon Ray Buchanan, ahem, when he said that Sharpe looks like a horse.

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    A lot of times they sign back on the team that released them for less money. That's a favorite tactic of the team down here, you can be sure of that. Most of the time it doesn't quite work out the way they envisaged.

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