Falcons GM Tommy Dimitroff was at the combine and a reporter asked if he was looking harder at O-linemen. Of course Dimi didn't answer the question but he did say this,..."We made strides on the offensive line. They move well and did a solid job, but we will continue to improve." eessshhhh,...how can ya figger out what that means?

So the line made strides,...hmmm,...well it is a fact the run blocking improved from the last 3 seasons, no doubt. But as I've always said the WCO and the zone/slant blocking scheme benefits an average O-line in the run game. Pass blocking is different.

In 2013 the Falcons line allowed 44 sacks, in 2014 31 sacks and last season 30 sacks. That appears to be an improvement but what is missed is the Falcons QB KNOWING he has to get the ball out quick. And Matt Ryan has been fantastic in avoiding sacks as well.

Dimi said the line moves well and did a solid job. How bout snapping the ball? Messed up snaps cost the Falcons THREE wins last season. Yeah they move well because 4 out of the 5 starting linemen weigh under 300 lbs. so yeah, they'd be able to move well I suppose. But I'd hardly call the line's performance last season as a solid job.

Most teams often draft O-linemen in the 5th and 7th rounds,...oh wait a minute,...the Falcons don't have a 5th round pick for piping noise and last year traded their 2016 7th round pick,...for a washed up O-lineman.

Well, we have Bryan Cox cussing and shoving a Cardinals scout at the combine,...apparently trying to start a fight. Now Dimitroff says a politically correct thing and hey,...he's not gonna dis his players, so it's expected. But I'm not PC and you'll get the truth of the matter.