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Thread: Joey Bosa

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    Joey Bosa

    I think it's time to profile some exciting players the Fins may consider drafting, even though I'm still not a Fins Mod and the stinkin' Phish Tank while not still in the Marquis above me, is the name of the forum. That the name applies to the Florida Marlins seems lost on someone... Someone from the Jet's Attack or whatever their forum is, must have a controlling interest in http://nflfans.com for a thing like that to happen for sure. At any rate due to the sins of the Father, John Bosa who had been drafted by Shula in '87, he deserves mention. Yes BOSA WAS A BUST and one of the key ingredients to keeping the Fins out of Super Bowl contention during the height of the Shula-Marino years.

    Joey Bosa's mascot, I guess

    Since he says he's the best player out there and the Fins draft 8th, I can feel pretty confident the Fins won't select him, can't I? Well, the unmentionable is, the Fins have exhibited a certain tendency to draft sons of former players, i.e. Ginn, Crowder, and while not technically a Dolphin, Long.
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    Joe Thomas has been one of the NFL's best players.Bosa is averaging 4.9 pressures per game, just behind Miller's rate of 5.2 per game. He also has 7.5 sacks in 10 games, putting him on pace for 12 in a 16-game season.

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    Joe Thomas, you mean the Fins original owner was also a player? As for Bosa Jr. news, I didn't say he'd bust.. only that His father had been one, and that the Fins probably wouldn't pick him.

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