Here's two items which are soooooooo rich! Righ to it,...

Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul is suing ESPN and the diminutive Adam Schefter particularly. Somehow ESPN along with unknown abilities acquired Pierre-Paul's medical records about his fanger a gettin cut awf after that there firework accydint. Oh my,...that's a Federal Offense isn't it? Certain institutions such as ESPN can get away with that sh** I suppose. But anyway, what did Schefter do to be such a highly paid, high profile figger on the rishest branch of Disney? Must've been daddy or moreso,...perhaps white exceptionalism.

Next, there are several non-profit orgs saying the NFL, and particularly Roger Goodell, are targeting chilren with NFL Fantasy Football,...and everyone already knows that! Lol Problem is see,...these orgs say it leads to the gambling disease and I can see that. Some people are addicted to gambling worse than a meth head or a crack smoker, no doubt. I never played FF and never will,'s not real football imo, just me, no problem with anyone playing FF, none at all,'s just not me.

Oh well,...I thought these two recent stories were interesting. Hey, just thought of something,...isn't Cam Newton targeting endzone chilren for another reason than to be,...sportsmanlike? Anytime anyone uses chilren, they are maggots.