Here's another thing that many in the NFL tribe seem to place importance upon, strength of schedule. It's still February isn't it?

Oh noooooo Mr. Bill!!! The Falcons are tied with the Niners both possessing the most difficult 2016 sched!

But maybe SOS has some cred,...the LUCKY Charlotte Panthers finished 2015 against the softest sched,...yep. 15-1 against the weakest opponents in the league according to SOS,...the Falcons were second in that respect last season.

Atlanta will face 7 teams that made the playoffs in 2015,...not one of the playoff teams the Falcons will face lost its first postseason game,...they’ll meet three of four teams that reached their respective conference finals. Now here's a serious dig at the Falcons from CBS Sports.

John Breech at CBS Sports said this,..."The Falcons entered the 2015 season knowing they’d be facing opponents that compiled a collective .409 winning percentage in 2014. They’ll enter 2016 knowing they’ll face opponents that compiled a collective .555 winning percentage last season. That’s something of a difference, eh?"

eh? eh? eh? ya,'s something like your halitosis,

It's always a pleasure pointing out the media based, well we know where thay are don't we? But another early 2016 crapping on the poor Falcons by the media, the first of many to come in this year of our Lord, 2016.