This is just,...frayking amazing to me. Perception Reception.

Someone here posted a website to check out. Sorry, I'm not naming the site nor the guy who runs it nor the poster's ID. The guy at the site now works for and has moved from,...Warshington D.C. to Los Angeles to carry out his job as some kind of analyst. More power to him,...good luck.

He's some kind of analyst who concentrates on only one position in the NFL, curiously, and has this thing he created called the, "Reception Perception" in which he analyzes the best WRs in the league with an unknown formula. The reason it's unknown is cause his thinking is a bunch of crap.

I wasted 10 minutes checking this site and something occurred while doing so,...this guy is mentioning all the big time WRS in the league,...except one guy,...Julio Jones. So I scrolled and clicked to find Julio mentioned anywhere and guess what? THERE IT MFING IS!!!! Julio unbelievably must not play WR for the unmentionable, the detested Atlanta Falcons. This guy could be called a fraud for that omission alone.

Why mention this at all when it's been going on for 50 years and will never end?

Reception perception? hahahahahaha,...fing idiot