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Thread: Thud of finality

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    Thud of finality

    Well,...our NFC South bros came up short and the usual teams always win the Super Bowl these days.

    The referees appeared to favor the Broncs but from what I saw the Panthers O-line wasn't blocking, they were tackling(or trying to), on each and every play, add the WRs on run plays and crying about the officiating as I'm reading on Panthers MBs, ain't the way to go. Don't sull up and pout like Cameron Newton did during his post game news conference. Did anyone see that performance?

    After a tough loss,...remember losing a Super Bowl is the worst feeling in the whole wide wurl,...I'm gonna try to be nice.

    Newton acted like a little spoiled baby boy last night. He didn't give credit to Peyton Manning, answering questions with two word answers with a look on his face like,...a little baby boy, a poor loser, zero sportsmanship. Prima DONNA. The boy didn't even praise his TEAM MATES! Didn't say anything about a great season, noooooooo.

    Lots of Panthers fans are saying the team didn't perform like during the season and playoffs. There's a reason for that, one which I pointed out last week. Last night's game wasn't played in Charlotte in a game televised to 10% of the nation. Most of the NFL tribe never saw the antics this team pulled on their opposition when at home. There was an unusual amount of trash talk, taunting, holding up the game to give a football away to a kid, running up and down the sideline(even the opposition's sideline), like Newton did many times and you see why the Panthers appeared flat. I was saying this all season and then the incident in New Jersey happened with the Giants WR and the Pants CB and there it was finally clear Charlotte was pushing the limits of trash talk. The Panthers were out of their element last night.

    But man,...Cam Newton, act like he did in the press conference was,...classless. And prominent peeeps this morning are all in agreement that the giving away the ball after a score isn't done out of good intention,'s TAUNTING in Cam's sad widdle eyes dis mownin'. But as I always say, gotta be who you are.

    Now we'll see if the Panthers can have another great season in 2016 and avoid being the 2003 Buccaneers who didn't make the playoffs after winning the Super Bowl, or the 1999 Falcons after losing SB 33.
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