What do you think? Is acting like a fool on meth during a game the same as deflated footballs?

The NFL based in New York City ecourages celebrations, especially after a TD score. Ya'll know,...the Icky shuffle, the Dirty Bird dance and recent celebrations. Just occurred,...the Panthers' QB isn't the first to be a,...what would you call it,...look at me type stuff. Steve Smith????

There is no doubt the New England Patriots doctored the footballs.hahahaha the Packers are like,...whew! glad they got them rather than us. But the NFL has some of the most idiotic, foolish advisors of any multi-billion dollar business. They had the Patriots red handed and then backed off. But too, the NFL messed up the entire investigation, so there ya go,...payoff. And make no mistake the Patriots will pay, very soon. Kind of obvious in my view.

Just tell me, is taunting cheating?

We all know about, at least we former athletes, in competition opponents will try to get in your mind. I will stay firm,...listen,...the Panthers last season took the *show* to another level and the Captain of that pirate ship was Newton. Remember I'm a Falcons fan and watched the Panthers sweep Atlanta in 2014. The Panthers won the division with a 7-9 record. In 2014 the CAM was practicing his moves,...the dubby or whatever it's called and the Superman shit,...running for a 1st down and getting up pointing it out. I thought Michael Vick was Superman. And now we're here. Panthers fans trying to protect this little boy amazes me. AzZaz inside

I wanted the Panthers to beat that despicable, favored by the NFL, favored by the referees team, the Broncos in SB 50. And in the same thought,...given the way Panthers players have conducted themselves in 2015?,...the loss is deserved,...remember that.

The Carolina Panthers,...bookend SB losses will be hard to overcome. Can't wait till the Falcons match that sorry bs. lol and the Falcons will always prove to be the worst.

Does anyone know who is to fault for that Super Bowl loss?,...Riverboat Ron