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Thread: Looking ahead: position by position reviews

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    I wonder about both Sullivan and Loadholt returning to the Vikings next season. I think Sully is the most likely candidate to return. Loadholt has been hurt a lot in the last couple of seasons, and isn't getting any younger (neither am I) and guys don't normally get healthier and more dependable the older they get. Clemmings didn't do a lot to make Phil expendable per se, but this might be the best time to move on and get younger.

    I think we need to make a good run at one of the premier linemen in FA. Some of the guys listed as FAs right now won't make it to the open market but there will be several who upgrade our starters. I'm on record as not being a Kalil fan, but we're pretty much stuck with him at this point. We need to make some attempts at being able to move on from him in a season or so imo. If we can sign Cordy Glenn for LT, it would be amazing. If we could sign Ryan Schraeder for RT it might be a better fit.

    Kalechi Osemele from Baltimore, Jeff Allen from the Chiefs, and Alex Boone from the 49ers are all under thirty and better guards than we have starting right now. We should try to sign one.

    The draft likely won't bring any sure things unless we get Cody Whitehair at OG early. Late round guys are starting to pile up in Minnesota and I frankly don't see their value. We haven't developed a late round starter in many years.

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    The Vikings have a number of 'guard type' players on their roster: Joe Berger, Mike Harris, Brandon Fusco, Zac Kerin, Nick Easton and possibly even Austin Shepherd and Jeremiah Sirles. If the Vikings resign Mike Harris he will in all likelihood continue to man the right guard position. That would leave up to 6 guys to battle it out for the LG position. Appears to be more quantity than quality, but who really knows how the Vikings feel about what they have on their roster. I do think that Speilman stock piles these guys in hopes they develop. John Sullivan was a guy who developed as a 6th round draft pick. Brandon Fusco also developed but he appeared to take a major step backwards last year.

    I am looking forward to seeing who the Vikings bring in during the off-season to compete along to the OL. I'll be a little disappointed if they don't land someone with a little star quality.

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    Yeah, Sully and Fusco were late rounders that developed but that's from the 2008 and 2011 drafts, respectively. LATELY we haven't done a whole lot with late round guys. Of course, a new Oline coach might help in that regard.

    I'm with you on FA though, we've got the money so it would be wise to make a relative "splash" on a starter or two. The majority of starters on most teams are draftees, but everyone has to augment that with a FA or two some time. I think the best philosophy is to see which positions are likely to be deep in the draft, then enter FA with that in mind. This draft seems to be deep in Dline, LBs, and OT (and center believe it or not). We need an OT (and maybe a C depending on Sullivan's situation) but Dline and LB are not such high priority targets right now. Where is the draft going to be thin? Safety, TE, QB,and RB. We need a starting safety badly, but TE and QB aren't high needs. That makes me think we need to spend some money on a FA safety at least. Both starters from Cincinnati are likely going to be FAs. No doubt Zimmer will be lobbying for one to be signed.

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