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FWIW: Final Word from Server Compny

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Received this March 1, 2014 re: the problem ticket I opened with the server company where they accidently wiped all our data:

As you are aware, a piece of our network and server deployment automation system malfunctioned. The result was that your server was incorrectly targeted and your drives formatted. All of our attempts at data recovery up to this point have been unsuccessful. I am very sorry for the down time and frustration this situation must be causing you. We would like to assist in restoring your environment from any backups you may possess.

I am working with your Sales person, Dan, to credit your account for this unfortunate system malfunction.

Kind Regards,
Adam Kerwin
Secured Servers Support Manager
Followed immediately by:

William, I do not believe it will be possible to make you feel happy about this
situation. Due to a mistake made on our part, and none of your own, your
critical data was lost. I was not involved in the process, but I feel awful that
we allowed this to happen. We are taking direct measures to insure that this
problem never happens again. Unfortunately, your data was lost and cannot be
recovered. We will be credited your server in full for next month, don't worry
about the bill. I wish there were more I could do.

Do you have any external backups that we can help you recover with?
Daniel Raborn
Online Sales Associate
Sa & Su 9AM-5PM MST

And let me add, it is never fun or easy finding another server company or moving everything. I will say I will have a new policy of moving all backups from the server drive to local drives/cloud drives. It's an extra step and due to size really takes some time. But better safe than sorry.

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