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A proposed new uniform for the St. Louis Rams is pretty sweet

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A proposed new uniform for the St. Louis Rams is pretty sweet

By cover32 Staff
May 22, 2014 11:38 am CDT

Proposed uniform changes for NFL teams is nothing new. Every week, some sort of idea seems to pop up – from radical redesigns to Star Wars themed tweaks to subtle changes. Most are interesting, but fairly laughable.
One new batch, however is worth taking a look at. Jesse Alkire, a freelance graphic artist / designer from Chicago, recently put his spin on each NFL team’s uniform, offering a creative touch to all 32 sets of duds. And most of them are pretty darn cool.
As for the St. Louis Rams, he didn’t make drastic changes. He explained why on his web site:
“A modified version of what many fans would say was their best look, navy adds a modern twist to one of the NFL’s most classic uniform sets. A bold custom number type with a strong base and hard edges, reminiscent of the mountains that a ram would call home. Solid-color socks and navy shoes gives this traditional uniform a slick, modern feel.”
Here’s what he came up with:
Back to basics

Bold and beautiful

Pretty sharp. Who do we need to call to get this done?
To see Jesse’s entire batch of new uniforms, CLICK HERE. It’s worth a few minutes of your time.
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  1. TinaFray's Avatar
    Why everyone is so crazy about Star Wars now?
    I don't like this idea wih new uniform. Just mainstream. Traditional uniform is the best variant as for me .
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